Green Hero Calming Pad


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Green- Rx Complex from natural plants gently touch and recover the irritated skin. 75% of base water is derived from green tea which soothes and hydrates skin. The pad is made of special soft fabric for sensitive skin.

COSRX Green Hero Calming Pads are enriched with the brand’s exclusive Green-Rx Complex to cast away daily impurities as delicately as possible. Thus, these cleansing, as well as nourishing pads, suit even the most sensitive skin types, invigorating congested or easily irritated complexions. Relying heavily on natural plants and featuring 75% Green Tea Water, they happen to have instant soothing properties. Moreover, gentle sweeping motions all over your face moisturize deeply, offering a mild yet effective treatment that visibly improves the appearance of skin.

Thanks to a blend of carefully selected ingredients, this option appeals to all skin types. In fact, its key components benefit from being approved as EWG green grade, ensuring maximum safety. Ideally, resort to one or two of these pads during the face toning phase of your skincare routine.

Volume : 70 pads


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