Q: I’m interested in selling some of your brands. How can I make an order?
You must apply to become a wholesaler and receive approval before you are able to purchase any of our brands. Visit our registration page for more details.

Q: I’ve submitted my application for wholesale. How long until I know if I am approved?
As long as your application is complete and your tax resale certificate is in, please allow us 3-5 business days to provide a response.

Q: I’m interested in your prices to see if I want to buy from you. Where can I find this?
In order to view and take advantage of the wholesale pricing of our brands, you must first apply to become a wholesale partner. Once approved, you will be provided access to more than 20 brands’ price sheets.

Q: Is there a minimum order?
Yes. This is on a per brand basis, strictly for our approved wholesale customers.

Q: How much is shipping going to cost?
This is hard to estimate without having your order in. Shipping is based on a per order basis – on product quantities and weights. On average, shipments run about 77 cents per product. The larger the shipment the better pricing. Due to our large amount of business with UPS and freight forwarding companies, we are able to offer lower shipping costs than the average consumer.

Q: How does the ordering process work?
Once you have been approved for our wholesale program, you will gain access to our wholesale price sheets. For each brand you wish to purchase, you will need to fill out the associated order form and submit payment within two business days. Once payment is received you will be notified of shipping dates and costs.

Q: Do you sell to customers outside of the U.S.?
Unfortunately we cannot offer our full range of services to other countries. However, if you are not needing assistance with customs and freight forwarding from pick-up, we may be able to help. Please register with us to learn more.