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Tired eyes? Look At Me has two options to awaken and refresh the under eye area, the original HydroGel and the Panda!

Clogged pores? Cleanse with one of Look At Me’s 7 Bubble Cleansers, then apply a nose pore strip!

Does your entire face need some refreshing? The Mud Face Masks are super lightweight but provide awesome results, plus they’re easy to travel with because of their small packaging and sanitary twist caps!

One of the biggest factors in the world’s growing love for K-Beauty is the innovative use of many natural ingredients in its lineup of products. From honey to snail mucin, each ingredient sourced packs major punches in the benefits department, and nothing falls short in this lineup of benefits for one of the simplest ingredients yet: milk. Read Post »

Not just for naturally sweetening your oatmeal or adding a smooth note to your tea, honey is a wondrous ingredient that also serves up incredible benefits for your skin. From acne inflammation to deep hydration, honey covers just about all of your bases for well-rounded and complete skin care.

Honey has a long lineup of benefits due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, as well as being high in Vitamin C and full of antioxidants. Next up on the list of benefits is its ability to retain moisture due to it being a natural humectant. It really is a one-stop shop! Read Post »

Products - November 13, 2018

Get to Know G9Skin

G9Skin was created with the intent of being an anti-pollution brand, aimed at providing smart skincare to the busy, urban woman who is exposed to harmful elements that pose a threat to the health of her skin. G9Skin aims to utilize nine exceptional ingredients to work hard in fewer steps to protect and fight against nine harmful factors of urban life, providing endless results with minimal ingredients. Read Post »