Lemon seems to have all sorts of health benefits, such as flavoring your water and sipping on it all day or a big glass first thing in the morning, but its benefits aren’t limited to your internal needs. Lemon and its properties also give some glowing results to the face with topical application. Lemon is

The Self Aesthetic line helps to brings a home spa sensation to treating and soothing the face with two kinds of face masks from sheet to carbonated bubbles for hydration and detoxing, a hydrogel lip patch and eye patches, as well as a butterfly shaped nose strip to remove unwanted blackheads and debris.

One of the biggest questions and concerns we get regarding many of the K-beauty products in the cosmetics world has to do with the “whitening” products that come out of Korea. For many people in the United States, the use of this term can be an immediate turn off when it comes to benefits and