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Under-eye dark circles are a daily concern in this fast-paced world. They are the main reason behind the popularity of under-eye patches and gel eye masks. Once they start popping up, you may feel as though you are fighting a losing battle. In some cases, they even occur together with puffy eyes. Such a sight can dampen your morning.

There are several causes of dark circles, for example, smoking, inadequate sleep, certain medication, sleeping position, and drinking alcohol. Most of the causes form part of our lifestyles; thus, we choose to find ways to live with dark circles.

Lately, under-eye patches and under-eye masks have become popular, offering a quick fix to the daily morning problem. These solutions claim to fix puffy eyes and dark circles in just a few simple steps. But do they work? Can they brighten your morning in a short time? And if they do work, what are the best under eye patches and best under eye masks in the market?

In our latest post, we discuss dark circle solutions and the best under-eye products in the market.

What Are Dark Circles?

These are dark circles that appear under the eye. Depending on your skin color, they may appear blue or purple to black or dark brown. They rarely cause any grave concern aside from the effect they have on appearance. Most people try to reduce this effect for superficial reasons.

Causes of Dark Circles

The area under the eye becomes dark due to hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a condition in which patches of skin become darker than the surrounding skin. The dark color forms when the body overproduces melanin, which deposits in patches on the skin. Hyperpigmentation can also be a result of constricted blood vessels or thinning skin, especially under the eye. Blood pools around the eye cause the surrounding skin to appear darker than normal.

Other causes of dark circles include,

  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Allergies
  • An iron deficiency that can lead to anemia
  • Rubbing your eyes frequently
  • Getting overexposed to the sun
  • Inherited genes
  • Dehydration
  • Aging

Some of the causes are avoidable while others may end up plaguing some people for the rest of their lives. Visiting a dermatologist when experiencing extended episodes of dark eye patches helps in discovering the cause and determining the solution early.

Remedies And Solutions

Because of the cosmetic problems, people usually want to get rid of dark circles when they see them. Many remedies and solutions promise to get rid of these dark patches in an instant. Depending on the cause of the dark circles, some of these remedies may or may not work.

Under-Eye Patches

Under-eye patches are half-moon shaped patches that conveniently fit below the eye, where dark circles are common. The under-eye patches are enhanced with active ingredients and essential protein serums that give special skincare treatment to the under-eye area.

They have recently become popular due to their convenience. Skincare experts and celebrities recommend eye patches because of their rejuvenating effect on the skin around the eyes.

The eye patches seal in the nutrients they provide to the skin. Your skin is then able to absorb all the life-giving nutrients without losing any of the enriching skincare goodness. The effect is a clearer under-eye, free from any reminders of a long night. It also rids the skin of any puffiness leaving your eyes appearing refreshed. There are also suggestions that eye patches can help reduce wrinkles that appear with old age under the eye.

  • Other benefits of suing under-eye patches include,
  • Skin appears firmer and lifted.
  • Reducing blemishes and giving your skin tone a more even appearance.

How-To Use Under-Eye Patches

Depending on the brand, different under-eye patches have different instructions on how to wear them. However, these are the simple steps to follow when wearing a face mask,

  1. Cleanse your face. Getting rid of dirt before wearing the eye patch keeps the skin clean and ready to absorb all the goodness in the eye patch.
  2. Apply or wear the under-eye patch according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Usually, most eye patches are worn for less than 20 minutes; however, they can be worn as long as recommended by the manufacturer.
  3. Remove the eye-patch and follow with an eye cream or an eye serum for the best results.

Some eye patch designs require you to wear them overnight. These are usually preventive. You end up waking without puffy eyes or any dark circles.

The simple steps make under-eye patches an easy go-to eye care routine for many people. They also give a cooling and calming effect making them perfect as part of a daily morning routine.

The Look At Me under eye gel pads is made with green ingredients that are gentle on the skin. These patches refresh, hydrate, and brighten the eye area, reduce puffiness and visibly smooth away the look of fine lines. These non-slip, cooling collagen eye pads are easy to use, stays on during your ME TIME or while completing your to-dos, are great eye pads for puffy eyes and dark circles.

Natural Collagen + Aloe Vera

Rich in vitamin A & E’s to brighten dark circles and reduce puffiness. Calming aloe vera help to smooth the tired under eyes.

100% Natural Kbeauty

The premium quality of eye patches for dark circles instantly depuffs puffy eyes. This under-eye mask also available in green tea, rose, and more.

Cooling Sensation

These transdermal gel eye pads infused with concentrated firming agents to improve microcirculation and provide a cooling effect.

Increase Elasticity

Conveniently package individually with collagen-infused, instantly deep nourishing and firming the skin around your eyes.

Mess-Free “ME” Time

No excessive serum or under-eye patch that slips. Our gel eye patches layered with a soft cloth on top with the compressed hydrogel eye pad underneath, the non-slip design allows the patches to stay in place, so you can focus more on your ME time.

Perfect for Gift Giving

Looking for an under eye dark circles treatment or eye masks for skin care gifts for women? Our undereye gel patches makes the perfect items to add to your care package and its all under 10 dollars!

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Aloe Mud Face Mask Mini Pack is your first stop for better skin. Natural aloe barbadense leaf extract penetrates the skin to promote a healthy radiant glow. It soothes dry, irritated skin and leaves it feeling deeply moisturized. This hydrating face mask is both face care and face mask for acne.

The Look At Me Mud Face Mask Mini Pack does not crack and dry out your face, keeping your skin soft and healthy with this face mask clay care. The twist cap allows for clean and easy clay mud mask application. Squeeze desired amount onto fingers, apply to face, then twist the cap back on. Ingredients are all plant-based and pure; no harmful ingredients such as parabens.

While other Clay Mask for Face burn, messy to mix, cause redness; the Look At Me Face Mud Mask is made with gentle white kaolin bentonite clay. Works for all skin types, includes dry sensitive skin!


All Green Ingredients & Nothing Harsh: This natural acne face mask with vitamin B, C isn’t harsh like other blackhead remover mask. Rich in minerals to promote skin renewal, remove excessive oil.

100% Korean Skin Care Mask: Made with the highest grade ingredients, free from sls, sles, formaldehyde, triclosan, chemical sulphates and phthalates, help you achieve the instant Kbeauty glow and detox.

Better Me Time: Our creamy soft, easy to spread mud mask allows you to simply spread with finger tips to apply the mud mask onto your face.

No Mess, Stays Fresh: This face masks skincare peel off pack is ultra creamy, easy to apply requires no tool or mixing, the mud masks for face bundle will last you up to 6 perfectly fresh applications.

The Kbeauty Effect: Achieve the glowing “Korean Glass Skin” with our premium Korean face mask for skin. This facial mask skin care provides a cooling effect to revitalize and moisturize tired skin.

Cooling Effect: Look At Me mud mask comes with hyaluronate sodium, provides an additional cooling effect to energize tiredness, or can be used after a long day under the sun.

With our KBeauty face masks skincare treatment you won’t need any other facemasks. This sensitive skin face mask is the pore reducer you’re looking for. And for oily skin facial masks for teen girls it’s cleaner than kaolin clay powder clay masks for blackheads and pores Effective, tightening, and leaving your skin radiant, this face mask for women beauty solution, and for men, is a face mask we can all get behind.

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You’ve probably seen acne dots before, the technology has been around for decades. But These Korean Acne Patches are NOT the old ones. Because Rxcue are the thinnest, most absorbent, sweat proof, almost invisible, and have 48-Hour Adhesion with a compressed Hydro-Dot so when they absorb pus and impurities they don’t swell out of control like other blemish patches.

DISCOVER A NEW KIND OF PATCH: You’ve probably seen acne dots before, the technology has been around for decades. But THESE Korean Acne Patches are NOT the old ones. Because Rxcue are the thinnest, most adhesive, sweat proof, almost invisible, and have 48-Hour Adhesion with compressed Hydro-Dot so when they stick they don’t swell out of control like other blemish patches.

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ULTRA-THIN, ALMOST INVISIBLE: Why match your zit patch to your skintone, when you can go invisible? We use unique Crystal Thin Patches, with a non-gloss finish and Compressed Hydro-Dot technology to remain unseen! And, these are the thinnest hydrocolloid patches you’ve found on your search today! So even if you have 2 or 3 blemishes (even severe ones), you can pop them on your face without worry.

SUPERIOR ADHESION: The problem with acne spot dots is that they don’t stick well, they don’t have the best adhesive to protect and cover. But Rxcue Korean Pimple Dots use the latest in 48 Hour Skin Adhesives that grabs tight around your blemish. And, you’ll notice it the next morning! They’ll also stick in place during showering, exercise and swimming, and curved areas, like the nose, and chin area.

HOW TO USE: We’re using acne cover, but why do other acne care dots still make you fumble with your fingers? Half Inch round, Rxcue Korean Acne Healing Dots are stuck to a unique split backing for a Touch Less Application. Simply place the center of the pimple sticker (the hydro dot) on your whitehead and tap to stick. Peel to remove, they’re firm, but not hard to peel off.

CRYSTAL CLEAR, NEVER YELLOW: While other acne and pore strips use weird opaque or yellow-toned hydrocolloid, we prefer clear, crystalline, matte and almost invisible, don’t you? Afterall, blemishes don’t ONLY come out at night! So, why walk around with craters on your face, or thick, yellow patches? If you’re ready for a REAL skin rescue, then you’re ready to try Rxcue Pimple Patches.

Simply apply Rxcue Pimple Patches whenever you see an unwelcoming acne coming up or you just want to hide that awful acne scar. Our patches will maximize effectiveness while keeping your pimples protected.

From the moment you wake up and see the results from Rxcue ultra-thin, sweat-proof, invisible patches, you’ll realize why they’re so remarkable, and grossly satisfying! Unlike most, who use older technology and weak adhesives that make your dot lift at the edges, this set of 36x blemish hydro-dots will make you wonder if you even put one on! Wear It All Day Without Embarrassing Stares!

Invest in the latest technology if a real skin Rxcue is what you want, with Rxcue Pimple Patches.


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