Lemon seems to have all sorts of health benefits, such as flavoring your water and sipping on it all day or a big glass first thing in the morning, but its benefits aren’t limited to your internal needs. Lemon and its properties also give some glowing results to the face with topical application.

Lemon is packed full of vitamin C and citric acid, making it ideal for skincare products in order to help brighten and lighten your skin. And well, isn’t that something everyone wants?

Check out more benefits of using lemon packed products in your skincare routine!

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The Self Aesthetic line helps to brings a home spa sensation to treating and soothing the face with two kinds of face masks from sheet to carbonated bubbles for hydration and detoxing, a hydrogel lip patch and eye patches, as well as a butterfly shaped nose strip to remove unwanted blackheads and debris.

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Tired eyes? Look At Me has two options to awaken and refresh the under eye area, the original HydroGel and the Panda!

Clogged pores? Cleanse with one of Look At Me’s 7 Bubble Cleansers, then apply a nose pore strip!

Does your entire face need some refreshing? The Mud Face Masks are super lightweight but provide awesome results, plus they’re easy to travel with because of their small packaging and sanitary twist caps!

One of the biggest questions and concerns we get regarding many of the K-beauty products in the cosmetics world has to do with the “whitening” products that come out of Korea. For many people in the United States, the use of this term can be an immediate turn off when it comes to benefits and desires of achievement in skin care products and makes many think of the idea of bleaching the skin. However, we decided it may be beneficial to make it clear on these products that provide “whitening” benefits. Read Post »

This holiday season, USA Cosmetics’ President, Miko Kuo, has donated an incredible gift to the Frisco Family Services organization, a reputable nonprofit organization that benefits those in need in the locality of USA Cosmetics, Inc. and executives.  On behalf of USA Cosmetics, more than $30k of beauty products have been neatly packed and shipped out with care, to help boost the spirits of families in need.

Frisco Family Services was created 24 years ago in 1994 by local Frisco residents to help members of the Frisco area when faced with challenges of hunger, homelessness and other dire dilemmas with a mission of improving their quality of life and assisting them in obtaining self-sufficiency. Just in the 2017 to 2018 fiscal year, FFS was able to provide more than $1.1 million in support to more than 3,400 individuals, as well as provided many individuals meals, school supplies and more.

Kuo chose a generous assortment of facial cleansers, creams, exfoliators, facial masks, hair treatments and more to help families in need. Although not traditional items in which most people may think of donating, USA Cosmetics’ employees believe that feeling good about yourself and building self-confidence can be a very powerful tool in life. “These products are easy to use, easy to understand, and provide a quick and easy solution for people who we share with to use and feel good during the holidays,” says Kuo. By giving so many suffering families a mini pep in their step with a pallet full of results driven K-Beauty products, we hope to help build morale in these individuals to help themselves out of whatever position they may be in.

From our family at USA Cosmetics to yours, we wish you all a very happy holiday season!