One of the biggest questions and concerns we get regarding many of the K-beauty products in the cosmetics world has to do with the “whitening” products that come out of Korea. For many people in the United States, the use of this term can be an immediate turn off when it comes to benefits and

One of the biggest factors in the world’s growing love for K-Beauty is the innovative use of many natural ingredients in its lineup of products. From honey to snail mucin, each ingredient sourced packs major punches in the benefits department, and nothing falls short in this lineup of benefits for one of the simplest ingredients

Not just for naturally sweetening your oatmeal or adding a smooth note to your tea, honey is a wondrous ingredient that also serves up incredible benefits for your skin. From acne inflammation to deep hydration, honey covers just about all of your bases for well-rounded and complete skin care. Honey has a long lineup of

This holiday season, USA Cosmetics’ President, Miko Kuo, has donated an incredible gift to the Frisco Family Services organization, a reputable nonprofit organization that benefits those in need in the locality of USA Cosmetics, Inc. and executives.  On behalf of USA Cosmetics, more than $30k of beauty products have been neatly packed and shipped out

Look At Me was created in 2014 to bring a creative yet minimalistic approach to skincare for the busy, modern woman. The brand aims to address the need for efficient and convenient products that are effortless yet provide positive results. It also works to achieve these goals all without the use of unnecessary ingredients and